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I Want To Be My Own Boss!

P.S. You Can make money by shopping for yourself.


Be Your Own Boss 

That right, Be Your Own Boss. No more returning to work to a job that you hate! With our program you choose the days and times that you work. You can work as little or as much as you want because you are the boss!

Work From Home

By Joining our program you will have the ability to work from home, without answering to anyone. You have the opportunity to work from your computer, phone,tablet or any other device as long as you have an internet connection.

Make as much money as You want to make 

You will make 10%, 15%, or 30% of everything your customers buy!! That means you can start earning anywhere from $10 to $5000 or more each and every single month.

How it Works 

You simply sign up, we will provide you with the tracking links and tools necesssay for you to work from home on your PC, Phones, Tablets so tha you can be your own boss.

How and where to promote 

You can promote your link in any of the social media platforms, as status to your friends. (works great if you have a lot of followers or if you are an influencer.)

You can get creative, not just online. You can take your business offline! If You know someone that has a boutique or a shop you can go to their shops and sell to them. You can use Makeup Fashion R Us as your inventory catalog. When you use your special code that we supply you at the check out page, you will make 10% of what ever your customers buy. The more they buy, the more they save and the more money you make.


  • Promote Makeup Fashion R Us On Social Media
  •  Write About Us On Your Blogs And Articles
  •  Create Educational Makeup Fashion R Us Video Tutorials
  •  Place our Logo And Banners On Your Website 
  • Send Your Affiliate Link To Your Email Subscribers 
  •  You can Use Your Affiliate Link For Your Own Purchases  


  • Don't Use Your Affiliate Link On Coupon & Deal Sites 
  • Don't False Advertise Makeup Fashion R Us In Any Manner... 
  • Don't Change Our Logos Or Banners
  • Don't Offer Unofficial Discount & Coupon Codes

Ready to start Your Own Business From The Comfort Of Your Home?

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P.S. You can make money by shopping

Yes! You can make money even for buying products for yourself! Every time you buy, you will also earn points that is redeemable and get you Free items or bigger discounts!